World Osteoporosis Day 20th October

Osteoporosis New Zealand marks World Osteoporosis Day on 20 th October 2016

This month, our friends at Osteoporosis New Zealand (ONZ) are supporting the International

Osteoporosis Foundation’s (IOF) World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) Awareness Campaign. Under its

theme of Love Your Bones: Protect Your Future, WOD 2016 calls upon the general public to take

early action to protect their bone and muscle health, and for health authorities and physicians to

protect their communities’ bone health.

NZAMM members can play a vital role in reducing the burden that osteoporosis, falls and fractures imposes upon

our older people, their friends and family, and our health and social care budgets. Accordingly, we encourage you

all to read more about this exciting Campaign at and implement its

recommendations in

  • World Osteoporosis Day 20th October
your practice.

Read more about this exciting Campaign at

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