Cost of Treatment

The charges for Musculoskeletal Medicine assessment  and treatment vary according to the service provided and the qualifications of the doctor. They also vary according to the subsidies available through the Accident Compensation Corporation( ACC) for an injury related condition, or through your Health Insurance Plan. Your General Practitioner will usually be able to advise on costs but you are also entitled to information about charges before attending your first appointment. Please ask.

Publically Funded Clinics:

In a publically funded outpatient clinic, you would expect to get all your musculoskeletal health care for free. Access to these clinics is through your General Practitioner who will know what is available in your area and what the criteria are required for you to access the service. At this time there is no publically funded access to a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physician clinic except in the:

  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • MidCentral District Health Board

ACC and Health Insurance Funding:

ACC covers treatment for conditions as a result of personal injury by accident. In the case of specialist care this will cover most of the treatment cost, but approval will be required for higher cost investigations such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or treatments involving specialist pain injections in a theatre or under radiology guidance.

Health Insurance Cover- the cost of this will depend on the insurer’s schedule. In many cases this will cover a specialist fee but only a portion of the GP with Special Interest fee.